ITS Nuove Tecnologie della Vita – ITS Technical College for New Life Technologies – is the only Higher Technical Institute in the chemical field in Italy and trains professional technicians in technological areas strategic for economic development and competitiveness, particularly in the chemical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, environmental and elastomer fields. At the conclusion of their course, our trainees are specialised in the application of traditional and/or innovative methods and processes in the study, research, development, identification, synthesis and production of biotechnology-based molecules or products.

The technological area of the Higher Technical Institute is that of New Technologies of Life, which includes all direct or indirect activities connected with health and healthcare, including the production of molecules, substances, functional foods and biomass, applying both traditional and modern technologies.

ITS Nuove Tecnologie offers two-year courses which can be accessed, after a selection process, with a high school diploma or high school leaving certificate.

The Foundation is also a research organisation recognised by the Ministry of Education and Research and registered in the National Research Register since 05/05/2015 with the code 61891PLM. It is also a business incubator and technology transfer centre.

ITS Nuove Tecnologie della Vita is the only institute in Italy to have activated employment contracts through the Higher Education and Research Apprenticeship Contract. This type of contract (art. 45 of Legislative Decree no. 81 of 15 June 2015 and implementing provisions) is in fact a valuable tool for youth employment as it is able to provide students with highly specialised skills which can be immediately used in the world of work and also to provide businesses with a response to their need for specialists in their business areas.


The training offered consists of the following ITS courses:

Our training courses have been created by the demand from companies in these fields for highly qualified personnel and our partner companies collaborate in the design and implementation of the courses.
Since 2011, the Technical College for New Life Technologies has seen more than 365 students complete their courses  with a 12-month employment rate of more than 80%.

At the end of their course, ITS Nuove Tecnologie della Vita allows its successful trainees in Industrial Biotechnology direct access to the third year of the degree course in Biological Sciences, the remaining courses allow access to the third year of the degree course in Industrial Engineering at eCampus University in order to obtain this qualification.

ITS Nuove Tecnologie della Vita has partnerships with more than 250 companies which play an active role in the training and employment of the young people they help train in the classroom and in their workplaces.

There are also active collaborations with:

  • Business Associations: Assolombarda, Assogomma, Confindustria Bergamo, Federchimica, Associazione Industriale Bresciana, Cosmetica Italia, Confassociazioni
  • Professional Associations: National Order of Biologists, Provincial Order of Surveyors of Bergamo, Provincial Order of Chemists of Bergamo, State Technical Institutes (Isis “Giulio Natta – Bergamo, ITIS “Paleocapa” – Bergamo, IIS “Guglielmo Marconi” – Bergamo, ITIS “Ettore Molinari” – Milan)